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Message From The Owner:

Greetings!  I’m Tony, the grease trap man with a plan….and a few grease guzzling pump trucks!

I’m a happy Seattle resident that makes an honest living cleaning and pumping out grease traps all over the Seattle area.  I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, so I’ve “seen it all and done it all” when it comes to servicing grease traps in the Emerald City.

But enough about me, your grease trap needs to be serviced.

Call if you need fast and affordable grease trap services at your establishment for anything involving grease trap cleaning, trap pumping, trap compliances, non-compliances, sizing your unit, inspecting your grease trap system, foul odors, trap plumbing, used fryer oil recycling, regular grease trap servicing, emergency trap pumping……you get the point here.  Our crews can handle any grease trap issue.

We’re guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having the best prices.  Seattle, King and Pierce Counties, are the areas we can service the fastest.

Call for a free quote or if you have a question, we’d be happy to help you and tell you what we know.  Always trust a professional and reliable technician to service you.


Go Seahawks!!


Services We Offer:

grease trap pumping

Scheduled pumping & emergency pumping. Grease trap pumping is our most common service.

grease trap cleaning

We’ll clean your grease traps and make them look and work like brand new. Discounts for customers on a scheduled pumping service.

grease trap installation

Buying a restaurant with an existing grease trap? Never take the seller’s word on it. Get it inspected by a professional.

Grease Interceptor Pumping

grease interceptor pumping

Got a large grease interceptor? No problem we are equipped to pump & service large volume interceptors.

grease interceptor cleaning

Grease interceptors can clog leading to clogging and odor issues. Call us to clean your grease interceptor.




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Why Choose Our Grease Trap/Interceptor Service Company?

We are experts in this field with 15 years of experience!

Our awesome reviews will give you the idea of how great our services are!

Not only that we are experts on this field, but we are only licensed, bonded, and insured!

We make it easy for you by having a convenient payment options.

We will make sure that if you hire us, you will not experience any kind of stress!

Our customer service is also excellent!

We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction!

We also offer a free cost estimates.

Premier Grease Trap Pumping Service in Phoenix, AZ

Let’s face it. The sink drain in your food service establishment probably isn’t a top priority unless it gets clogged. And in that case, a plunger or some liquid drain cleaner usually does the trick. But if your grease trap starts giving you trouble, you could be in for more problems than you bargained for.

While we know your business depends on your grease trap staying in good operating condition, that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. Blockages, overflows and other problems can be serious issues, which you could get fined, or even shut down as a consequence. Let Phoenix Grease Trap Service take away those worries.

We are a premier service, staffed with experts and professionals in our field. Our reputation of being a trustworthy and environmentally friendly company is second to none. Working with us can mean the difference between the uncertainty of your compliance with health and safety codes, and being able to sleep easy at night.

Our Professional Staff Keep Your Complete Service Records So You Don’t have to

Our staff consists of trained professionals and experts in the field of grease trap servicing. This allows you to make better use of your time than to worry about compliance with city codes and statutes.

We routinely work with local authorities to be certain that we keep all required records for all services we have performed for you, no matter how small. These are kept on file at our offices for your easy access, if and when they are ever needed.

In our assessment, we will determine with you a detailed plan for the regular maintenance and cleaning of the traps at your facility. In this way, you leave any and all hassles of compliance with the Phoenix health and safety codes and required paperwork to us.

Phoenix Grease Trap Pumping Service - Our Commitment

Here’s part of our our Phoenix grease trap cleaning service commitment to you:

● Our team knows how to stay out of the way of your business, so you’ll hardly even notice we are there

● We partner with recycling professionals so we know the best way of repurposing your waste for the minimum possible impact on the environment into products such as alternative fuels and soil additives for agriculture

● Any waste that cannot be safely recycled will be disposed of according to legal requirements.

● We specialize in helping your business stay within compliance of all regulations. We handle all the red tape so you can tend to matters of everyday business

● We compile and keep meticulous records of all services that we perform. You have complete and unlimited access to them anytime you need them

● We will consult with you concerning the proper maintenance to avoid possible trouble down the road

Maintenance and Service of Your Grease Trap

When you think about it, not only does your grease trap benefit your business directly by preventing damaging and costly blockages of the plumbing on your own premises, but maybe more importantly, it serves to protect the interests of promoting a smooth running city sewer system. But this can only be the case if your grease trap system is properly maintained and serviced. In fact, a poorly maintained grease trap can cause serious issues with the local authorities, if an overflow or leakage affects the city sewer system. Our primary mission is to help keep your establishment clean and sanitary while protecting you from possible costly violations of health and safety regulations.

Commercial Restaurant Grease Traps Are Our Specialty

Operating your kitchen at home is a bit more involved than running a food service establishment. Your responsibilities do not only extend to the enjoyment, safety and well being of your clients, but also extends to your employees and, indeed, the general public. You are the one tasked with the challenge of meeting all health and safety regulations, in addition to keeping your guests happy. One thing you cannot afford is the unacceptable risk of possible unexpected damages to the plumbing in your kitchen or even the city sewage system due to oil and grease waste overflow.

Our team of professionals at Phoenix Grease Trap Services exist solely for the purpose of maintaining and servicing your grease traps and to help you stay within compliance of the law. This is something that simply cannot be effectively done without our well equipped expertise.

We are here to provide you with all your needs related to timely grease trap pumping services for your peace of mind and smooth operation. In order to stay in compliance within the scope of the law, proper maintenance and servicing is required. Anything less may put your livelihood at serious risk.

Our team of professionals, equipped with a complete fleet of pump trucks, is on standby to serve you at a moments notice for all your grease trap servicing needs. Don’t let another day go by in the dark about the current condition of your grease traps. Schedule an on-site consultation with us and we will find the solutions you need. We can be reached at 602-223-1937.

Why Choose Phoenix Grease Trap Services?

The five most compelling reasons

● We offer several price plans to fit any needs and budgets. Not all food serving establishments are created equal, so we can offer the right plan to fit your situation. You will only pay for the services your business needs. You will save money with our scheduled maintenance plans, including a low monthly payment plan that’s very affordable

● As a matter of routine, we handle all required documentation and manifest forms of all services we provide within the standards, and keep it on file for you, in accordance with the law. We also file all necessary paperwork with your local authorities. This is just one less headache you will have to deal with when you use Phoenix Grease Trap Services

● For our repeat, returning clients, we offer special discounted prices for your food service establishment grease trap services

● For our grease trap service clients who maintain establishments in several locations, we off special bulk discounts

● Our reputation in the grease trap service industry is second to none because we continue building a solid base of satisfied customers

The Cost of Letting Your Grease Trap Get to Full Capacity

A full grease trap never has a happy ending. Among other things, you can be assured of:

Health and Safety Risks. A full grease trap negatively impacts the air quality in your establishment. It also increases the risk of fire in your food preparation area.

Unpleasant Odors. Nauseating odors are often a result of a full grease trap. Your clients won’t be happy about it and may never return, tarnishing your good image. It is also a health risk due to noxious gases emitted.

Penalties for Violation of City Codes. A grease trap which has reached capacity can no longer function properly. This can adversely impact the connected city water system. This usually results in heavy fines and possible forced closure.

What the Grease Trap Pumping Operation Involves

Because of the fact that grease trap pumping is a specialized field of expertise, it likewise requires expensive, specialized equipment. That’s why you should never leave it to your regular employees to do the job. This can be a huge safety risk for both your employees and your staff, so it’s best left up to we, the professionals. Here is our process:

Taking Measurements. The amount of oils, greases and food solids that are required to be evacuated must first be measured. That way, we know what equipment will be required without any guesswork. It also aid us in developing an accurate grease trap pumping schedule.

Removing the Waste. The second step is evacuating the oil, fat and grease from the grease trap. A hose is inserted and pumping is commenced until it has all be removed. The greasy waste is then transported to a licensed recycling center for repurposing, or disposed of in an eco-minded manner.

Final Cleaning. The greasy waste which has clung to the sides and wedged itself deep in the corners and irregular parts of the trap are tediously removed by our trained professional. Finally, each component of the grease trap is subjected to a test to ensure it works properly, thus decreasing any possibility of any malfunction.

When you think “grease trap cleaning in Phoenix,” think of Phoenix Grease Trap Services. Please feel free to call us at any time for a complete in-house consultation concerning your grease trap maintenance and servicing needs. Or, simply have us come out to fully assess your grease trap system through the measurement of waste, pumping and cleaning. That way we can write up an accurate service schedule on the spot.

Call us to get a free no obligation quotation. We can discuss the scheduling, your particular situation, and tailor a monthly payment plan to fit needs and your budget. You can reach us at 602-223-1937.


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